A Espedrada 2018: Looking into the future

  • Origin: Carballeda de Valdeorras
  • Grape variety: 100% Godello grapes planted between 1919 and 1929
  • Wine-making: Grapes are handpicked and transported in small 16 kg boxes. The bunches are crushed and partially destemmed. Maceration takes place in contact with the skins in stainless steel tanks for 48 hours. Fermentation is carried out in 500 l oak barrels
  • Ageing: It rests in the same barrels and in contact with its lees for a 12 month period
  • ABV: 13º

The grapes come from over a hundred-year-old vineyards from different plots, where white and red varieties were randomly planted, on very steep hills of slate soils

Our view

It presents a beautiful pale lemon yellow colour with greenish hues and so far, no oxidation or evolution shades.

The nose anticipates versatility from the first contact with no movement, displaying a perfect combination of fresh fruit entwining citrus and stone fruit, blending with those creamier and sweeter scents from old fashioned bakery sweet fillings, yeast and vanilla scents, and finishing with a wave of mint.

The swirling of the glass prompts an ongoing aromatic dance that gradually unveils the elegance of dry white flower petals, the alluring smell of honey and caramel, touches of subtle rubber and a wave of liquor.

The initial attack is milky and creamy, featuring the subtle bitterness of freshly ground coffee and a crispy and seamlessly blended acidity. Rich and full of flavor, the notes of cider and sherry casks are clear and delicious.

It’s balanced personality and acidity are guarantee for a very favourable evolution in the following years. It is remarkably structured, long, persistent and waves a citrus goodbye.

Useful tips:

Its beautiful complexity, both on the nose and mouth makes it an extremely attractive wine for gastonomical pairing, that will enhance traditional or innovative preparations, both national or internationally based.

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