Our revived vineyards

Valdeorras magic

Teresa’s family comes from this area and she was born here aswell so her roots are buried in this land, hence the deep emotional connection between her and O Cabalín. It is the land of her ancestors and the land where she lived the first years of her life.

Around 40% of the 32 plots we have purchased, had been partially neglected (two years unattended), approximately 5% were duly taken care of and the remaining 55%, were totally abandoned (between 4 and 8 years unattended).

The plots are located in the municipality of Carballeda de Valdeorras, within the limits of three parishes: Viladequinta, El Robledo, Carballeda. Wine-growing and making has been traditional in the area for centuries.

Locals aim to live in harmony with the environment showing deep respect for the natural habitat where the vineyards grow. That’s why you will find here wild flora such as lavender, fennel, rosemary, oregano, rockrose, heather… sharing natural resources with the vineyards.

Vineyards coexist with oaks, chestnuts holly and some pines trees too. We try to intervene as little as possible, our most aggressive task being the manual scrub clearing of the plots twice o three times a year, and always within the limits of our property. We implement ecological farming practices, it is a key cornerstone of our project.

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