Meet the team!

Teresa López, Luis Peique and Hugh McCartan:

Teresa López is the fuel that feeds the engine of O Cabalín. We would never have got this far without her enthusiasm, hard work, dedication, commitment and above all, her eagerness to learn.

Luis’s links to Valdeorras are both emotional and professional. They’ve grown deeply rooted in this land which he considers a place to be discovered, because of its charming views and varied natural environment: the spot where our vineyards grow is magical, it has casted a spell on me!

Hugh’s firm commitment to the venture from the very beginning, paired with his eagerness to learn, have led him to purchase a vineyard which he has added to the other plots as yet another contribution to the project.

First and foremost we are three friends that share the same values of respect for the environment, nature’s own balance and the significance of the terroir.

This a personal search for something different, small-sized, hand-crafted. Wines made with as little human intervention as possible, showing the vineyard and terroir they come from. Basically wines that depict a landscape, an environment but above all: wines to be enjoyed.

We aim to live in balance with this habitat, fully respecting the natural surroundings of our plots where you will find lavender, fennel, rosemary, rockrose, oregano, heather, honeysuckle…

Our values

The cornerstone of this enterprise are our very old vineyards, the slate soil in which they grow and the diversity of grape varieties. Thus human intervention is reduced to the mere determining of nature’s expression each year

We want to make happy wines, wines to inspire passion, wines to awaken senses. Fine, honest and heartfelt wines with their own unique personality

We want our wines to depict a landscape, an environment but above all: wines to be enjoyed

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