Bascois 2019: Sold out in the winery! Vibrant and versatile

  • Grapes*: 40% Mencía, 20% merenzao, 10% Alicante Bouschet. 30% remaining: brancellao, grao negro, ferrón y sousón. *Estimated figures
  • Wine-making: Grapes are handpicked and transported to the winery in 15 kg boxes. Only indigenous yeast was used for the fermentation process which took place in just one 500 ltr open barrel. 30% of the grape fermented with the stems and was foot crushed in the traditional way. The rest was destemmed but not crushed
  • Ageing: The wine ages over a 12 month period in a 255 lt oak barrel
  • ABV: 13%

All the grapes used to make this wine were grown in a single 975 m plot, facing north, on shallow slate soils. It is located at 800 metres above sea level, on the V shaped valley formed by the Casio river, tributary of the Sil river. The vines were planted on a gentle slope in the year 1910. They are 113 years old! They are farmed following organic agriculture procedures though not officially certified.

Our Wine

The wine has the colour of ripe cherries, not too intense and with juvenile hues.

The nose is on the whole very fresh and cheerful, featuring the balsamic fragrance of pine-trees and the crunchiness of fresh red fruit: raspberries. Combined with them we find black and blue fruit but in this case it is more ripe and exuberant: blackberries and black cherries.

The essence of blue flowers is entwined with that of black liquorice, bringing memories of velvet and smoky scents thus making the fragrance deeper. The sweetness of roast caramel, the fleshiness of hummus and the cherry liqueur provide a contrast with the elegance of fine leather. All these aromas make up an aromatic profile that at first seems simple and yet it is continuously displaying new aromatic nuances.

The attack on the mouth is smooth yet sparkly, with flavours of crunchy red fruit and ripe skin. You can feel the soil and the aromatic herbs that grow in it with a subtle bitter flavour that makes it really tasty.

It features high but well balanced acidity, sheer cleanliness, an honest tannin and a remarkable persistence, quite unexpected as during the whole tasting process it has offered a cheerful, young and merry profile, extremely pleasant.

Useful tips:

Bascois 2019 is a wine that awakens your senses and invites you to play in very honest manner. Gastronomically it is highly versatile, it does not seek complexity as it really does not need it, and yet, and subtly unnoticed, it awards you with it.

Its apparent youth and undeniable freshness make it your best friend at the bar, eating tapas and chatting with friends. But do not be fooled and keep a bottle to take to the dining table, its unsought complexity pairs seamlessly with an ample range of vegetables: roast, grilled or stewed, with red mullet, trout, octopus, squid and cuttlefish of all sizes, young red meat and poultry. And let us not forget, cold meats and cheese both tender and aged.

It is thoroughly enjoyable right now but we are certain it will beautifully evolve in the following years.

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